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Modern hand reading: what will it's future bring?

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Modern hand reading: what will it's future bring?

Post  Martijn (admin) on Sun Nov 27, 2011 1:59 pm

Hello folks,

Next sunday - december 4, 2011 - this forum arives at it's 500th day of existence. For quite a while I have been thinking about how to describe/define 'modern hand reading' - e.g. wondering about questions like: What makes it different from 'classic palmistry'? Would it be possible to find consensus about how to describe 'modern hand reading'? And how do we see it's future?

I would love to hear your thoughts & opinions about this. Meanwhile I will try to formulate my own thoughts & ideas regarding various aspects of the 'modern hand reading' culture:

These are some of my thoughts...


In the history of palmistry we can see how in the early ancient days of the Indian culture people have been using body signs in order to find meaning in the life of an individual and by predicting the future of the individual - this has been described as 'samudrika shastra'. The hand became a significant aspect of this science - which has been described as 'hasta samudrika shastra'.

Therefore I think that all aspects that relate to the issue of making 'predictions' (set in time: future & past), should be recognized as the most typical aspect of classic palmistry.


In classic palmistry hand signs were often described/defined as representing a specific type of event in the life of an individual. And this principle sort of implicates that in classic (ancient) palmistry there was no need for combining hand characteristics at all.

Only much later (19th century) the need for combining hand characteristics became generally recognized. However, from my point of view, this aspect is often mentioned by authors in their books - but they usually present hardly any guidelines about how to combine hand characteristics.

I think this aspect of modern hand reading really requires change in order to show it's full potential to the world - as a true science. Because so far a large part of the theories is often connected with (local) cultural values..


Another problematic aspect of the hand reading culture is the that there is a 'wild life' of theories. And for some aspects of hand reading there are even quite a few contradictive theories available - though I am not sure how many practitioners/students are aware of this.

Regarding this aspect, I think it is great to see that quite a few members of this forum have shown willingness to start- and/or participate in the many discussions that focuss on specific examples of those contradictions.


From my point of view, astrology develops like the culture of any religion. It's foundation is bordered by cultural values.

Is religion a science? The answer is definitely a 'yes': for example, religion is a part of the traditional alfa-sciences in the international academic fields. However, while describing it as a science one should be aware that we are talking here about a so-called 'soft science'.

Is astrology a science? This question may have a surprizing answer... because in some regions of the world astrology is being described as an academic science at government financed universities - for example in India. However, here we can see how cultural values become involved in describing things: because in far most other regions of the world astrology is not recognized as an accepted science... usually it is described as a 'pseudo-science'.


How about hand reading: is hand reading a science? I think the simple answer should be a 'no' - the field of hand reading has not developed by using high standards. However, I also recognize how especially in the 20th century academic science has provided a solid ground for various fields of hand reading... to build a future!

Though this solid ground became already uncovered in the time of the Old Greece - when e.g. Hippocrates discovered how 'bulby' fingernail conditions signal the presence of disease(s): which is now still known as 'Hippocratic nail' or 'nail clubbing'. But only in the 20th century academic science became able to present solid proof for the hand as a diagnostic tool confirmed by impressive statistical evidence from the fields of medical science, psychiatry & bio-pyschology.


I perceive various developments in the field of hand reading beyond what I described above:

- Some practitioners have started adopting elements that became uncovered by science, which is excellent.

- Some movements have disconnected hand reading from astrology, which I even perceive as a necessary step in order to get hand reading confirmed as a tool that is not bound (limited) by cultural values.

- Some authors have started using quality materials: e.g. by making references to the works of earlier authors, presenting high quality illustrations (which avoids confusion about the exact nature of a hand characteristics - contrary to earlier times when drawn-illustrations had become the accepted standard), attempts to proof why one theory is better than the other, etc. Unfortunately, independent evidence is nearly always missing.

- Some individuals have made attempts to make discoveries (or doing research on a theory/hypothesis) by performing research via the collection of statistical evidence, which I recognize as essential in order to uncover much more solid ground in the field of hand reading.

Finally, I hope that practitioners & authors will start focussing more and more on developing ideas about how to combine hand features... by detail, and if necessary: step by step. I realize, some practitioners find confidence in describing 'the art of combining' as an intuitive process - but I think it such answers do not add much to the process of uncovering solid ground in the field of hand reading.

Now, I would really love to hear YOUR ideas!


Solid elements picked up from invisible land...


Martijn van Mensvoort
Hand researcher & psychologist in The Netherlands (Holland)
Presents: Multi-Perspective Palm Reading + the Global Palm Reading Network
Martijn (admin)

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Re: Modern hand reading: what will it's future bring?

Post  Wanderer78 on Wed Dec 14, 2011 10:16 pm

Hi Martijn,

Interesting summary. I have some comments and questions.

1) Classical palmistry: Though I am by no means an expert in palmistry, over the past few months it has become almost a compulsion of mine to investigate it - especially classical palmistry as related to health matters. What I've found is frankly abysmal. Many books are contradictory and do not provide much in the way of explaining why an interpretation is given. One must simply trust the author.

Seen in another light, it leaves too much room for psychological abuse of "power". Despite there being many palmists who have a noble character and would not cause any harm, there are those who can use this for an ego-boost and do some real damage to anyone with a modicum of belief. Therefore, I would argue that classical or predictive palmistry should really re-examined and perhaps shelved for good if it is found wanting. Certainly, if we are to give divinatory meaning to creases on the hand, why can't we do this with creases elsewhere on the body? Or in anything?

Is there a basic theory that even relates why certain features denote what they are said to denote?

2) When using hand-reading in "medical science, psychiatry, and bio-psychiatry" what exactly is able to be ascertained? I am aware of dermatoglyphics as well as citing any clear abnormalities (as a general function of diagnosis), the simian line... but is there anything that can be deduced from the creases themselves? For example, has it been confirmed that any of the lines (head, health, heart etc) actually relate to their namesakes?

3) In a similar vein, is there a medical explanation for the formation of hand creases and why they change over time? (Just wondering what it is, and if there is, wouldn't this anchor any reading in the present?)

Overall, let me say that I am very glad this forum exists. It really serves an eclectic audience. I think its greatest benefit though is that it serves to blow away much of the fog and misunderstanding that misinformation can cause. Here's to many more days of existence! Smile

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Re: Modern hand reading: what will it's future bring?

Post  Wanderer78 on Thu Dec 15, 2011 7:09 am

Hi again,

I just wanted to be sure to say that I only ask the above questions in the spirit of sincere inquiry. I certainly don't mean to step on anyone's toes. Ultimately, as far as the future of hand analysis goes, I'm very much interested in finding out if it will move more in the direction of universals based on observation (and what they are), or if much will simply have to remain subjective. study


Posts : 36
Join date : 2011-07-13
Age : 39
Location : Ontario

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Re: Modern hand reading: what will it's future bring?

Post  Martijn (admin) on Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:06 am

Hello Wanderer78,

No need to worry... I think your questions are actually very relevant regarding the future of hand reading.
So I really like & appreciate your comments.

Thumb up


Martijn van Mensvoort
Hand researcher & psychologist in The Netherlands (Holland)
Presents: Multi-Perspective Palm Reading + the Global Palm Reading Network
Martijn (admin)

Posts : 5231
Join date : 2010-07-23
Location : The Netherlands

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