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Can Thumb be called venus finger?

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Re: Can Thumb be called venus finger?

Post  Manfred on Sat Dec 31, 2011 9:30 pm

Dear Patty,

you wrote: "Regarding fingers being assigned a single element seems incorrect.." I absoutely agree with you here and would add: The same to lines. In fact I don't use elemtents in combination with fingers or lines in practise.

I use the elements as a more unconcious tool for the hand shapes, sometimes for the mount of Moon - Water, for slim/dominant fingers/finger part - Air, for a strong thumb - fire and a broad, heavy palm - Earth. Here we see very easy corelations with astrological elements and clear corelations in the chart/hands of a native. It's mostly easy to show. - About this I wrote some articles here in astrological journals.

It would be shurely attractive to bring out an astropalmistry book in English. This is what I bear in my mind behind for years. But I found out it would't be enough only to translate my book, because the content should take more into consideration the old chiromancy and the important English / Indian palmistry/chirology books, even of that issued during the last time. On this field I had to make up for it during the last years.

Beside preparing in German a chirology text, I'm deepening at the moment some astrological technics, that are nearly unknown outside of Germany but who are very contentful. I'm shure, bringing the result together with the up to date chirology/handreadiung/palmistry will be very interesting.

Like in my book an English text should include a chapter about Western astrology from professional and up tp date sight to really clear the basics and to make somthing more understandable for the in those things very interested Indians.

As you see, I'm on my patiently on my way.

Have a nice turning of the year!

ps.: Thank you RishiRahul, you too!


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Re: Can Thumb be called venus finger?

Post  anand_palm on Sun Jan 01, 2012 6:45 am

Hello Patti

I read in a book on cheirosophy that sometimes the mount of uranus (Quadrangle) is called as negative mount of appollo. Iam not sure from where this was derived, jsut thought of informing.


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Re: Can Thumb be called venus finger?

Post  RishiRahul on Sun Jan 01, 2012 12:37 pm

Hi Everyone,

As Manfred very rightly brought out the fact of the 2 sings of Jupiter, Pisces and Sagittarius; I thought I share about it:

Sagittarius and Pisces are the 9th and 12th signs of the Zodiac.

9th= dharma/luck/benevolence of a Guru/Guide/religion...... is a fiery element, meaning that this knowledge/sense ins not deeply emotional but motivating, radiating.
Jupiter is more comfortable here, and it is known to be in 'office'/happily in charge in this sign.
Jupiter and the 9th. stands for Religion; and Religion has a fiery element added to the warmth of Jupiter= this is as should be the ideal state of Religion.

12th= the last sign of zodiac/final emancipation or wisdom... is a watery element, meaning that the knowledge is emotional and deep in the waters(emotion).

So we understand from the signs of Jupiter, its real meaning; and I am sure you guys can add more depth here.

Bringing the focus on Venus (the main talk of this thread), ' Venus is the pathos in feeling (aesthetic) which gives feelings to creativity.

Creativity in what? Mercury for Science/commerce/acting. Sun for arts.

Since art and creativity goes synonymously together in our usual thinking/maybe lifestyles, we tend to attract Sun to it.......Again Sun stands for the Sunshine which gives life....Creativity.
We generally perceive Art and Literature to be more 'creative' than general others.

Just rambling some thoughts in a New Years Day!



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