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Researches says that cell phone causes brain cancer!

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Researches says that cell phone causes brain cancer!

Post  Sunni_pundai on Mon Sep 03, 2012 1:23 pm

"Radiation that emits from cell phones increases risk for Brain cancers" - SHARE to Your Friends..

But this is not the only thing you have to be worried about using cell phones, New researches say Talking on cell phones just before going to bed affecting your sleep dramatically, It

- delays sleeping onset - shortens sleep duration - causes headaches and confusion - causes Depression, ADHD like symptoms

Another Habit of sleeping on cell phones exposes your brain to Radiation for all the time you sleep. This can be said a Big 'Mistake'. when your cell phone is ON, it keeps communicating with the network server through transmitting Radiation. This can harm your Brain cell, increase the risk for radiation induced brain cancers, disturb sleeping.

****Changing both of these Habits will save your Brain Damage in Early age*****

Simple prevention : Switch it off while sleeping or keep it minimum 6-10 feet away from your body/bed.

I hope it will help to Save Everyone..


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Re: Researches says that cell phone causes brain cancer!

Post  Patti on Mon Sep 03, 2012 5:14 pm

Thumbs up!

This is true information. Most people don't realize that the guidelines for cell phone use is to hold the phone at least an inch from the ear. Who does that? Most of the time we're pressing it as close to our ear as possible so we can hear above the background noise around us.

It is only safe when held a distance from the ear!

What I came across when studying the link between the signals of the cells from the brain to the hand (and from the hands to the brain etc.) is that the signals from the electronic devices we use, can be at times the same frequency as those sent to/from the brain via the nervous system. This causes the body to not pick up on its own signal as it is neutralized or drowned out by the outside signals. This may cause hiccups/back fires/missed connections in our thinking and functioning and can cause illness over time.

The electronic signals from devices can also be at levels that relate to stress and are interpreted as such by our bodies.


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Re: Researches says that cell phone causes brain cancer!

Post  pravin kumar on Tue Sep 25, 2012 3:33 am

Cell Phones do harm a person. It harms a child by 90%, grown up children by 60% and still mature adults as 30%. This cannot be avoided as once you are habituated to cell phones no matter how much precaution you take it is going to affect you. The best thing would be not to use it. However there is one device which now I use it for other purposes though, if you keep it with you and use the cell phone you won;t be affected. This is Bio Disk having 14 minerals in the Glass Disk. According to research and also practical use it can be demonstrated that this Bio Disk eliminates so many harmly things in the atmosphere as also the electromagnetic smog that you are totally safe. It has been demonstrated practically which i cannot explain. I know this because I deal with this product and so many others.

Pravin Kumar

pravin kumar

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