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Lessons and experience of KUNDALINI YOGA / SERPENT POWER

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Lessons and experience of KUNDALINI YOGA / SERPENT POWER

Post  sv-b on Sat Oct 30, 2010 8:20 pm

Hello friends, Smile

I am here to share my understanding about kundalini and also expecting to know the experience and knowledge people who do this practice.

1. The location of kundalini is situated 9 inches above from the anus and centered on the spine. Kundalini is 3 inches in length and breath like a bird's egg.

2. chakras: It is said to be there are totally 7 chakras present in our body. They are
a. Mooladaram( anus near the spine)
b. Swathistana(external genitalia/scrotum)
d. Anagaram(heart)
e. Visuthai (center portion of throat-include thyroid and thymus glands)
f. Ajna (Third eye-portion between two eye brows-peneal gland- center of unconscious mind)
g. sagasram ( crown-vertex)

3. Important nervous centers:Divide the body into two- gross body and subtle body.
a.Ida - left side nerve of the subtle body.
b.pingala- right side nerve of subtle body
c.sushumana- is the passage situated between IDA and PINGALA. This passage is blocked by kundalini-serpent deity, manifestation of primordial form of static energy.

4. Important Respiratory centers of subtle body:
a. prana - center which regulate upward motion of subtle body.
b. apana - regulates downward motion. hence, abdomen.
c.Vyana- regulates upper part of torso .
d. samana - regulates heart
e. udana - carries the soul to ether element when we die.

5. Pranayama plays important role in awakening the kundalini. 5 respiratory centers of subtle body moves through the subtle nerves(IDA, PINGALA).

6. Concentration on chakras by chanting mantras. This is the major part of meditation. The aim of this meditation is to lift up the energy from root chakra to higher chakra. Sit on padmasana. While chanting mantra silently "Om nama sivaya" , start concentrate on the chakra which you prefer. Feel the changes in the respiration without diverting the attention on mantra and the chakra. Note: Devotion, renunciation, truthfulness, conscience are important criteria to have before doing this meditation.

7. How to awaken kundalini?
a. Meditate as said above. choose the peace and calm place.
b. respiratory center of the subtle body moves through the subtle nerves- IDA and PINGALA . This produces the heat on kundalini, 3 times and half way coiled serpent deity. also called kali. This initiates in the process of awakening of kundalini. Attaining this alone gives superhuman power.


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