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What are indicative lines for financial parameter like poor, average,rich,richest in single Glance of Palm

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What are indicative lines for financial parameter like poor, average,rich,richest in single Glance of Palm

Post  supreet on Thu Nov 04, 2010 4:41 pm

Is it possible to catagorise in single glance of palm into finanacial condition of native wheather poor,average ,rich, richest.plz pass me the secrets.

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Re: What are indicative lines for financial parameter like poor, average,rich,richest in single Glance of Palm

Post  Martijn (admin) on Fri Nov 05, 2010 1:26 am

Hello Supreet,

I am hardly able to provide you a solid answer, it's not a topic that I studied by detail. And I am not aware of any book that describes this topic with great details.

Maybe other members are able to provides reliable 'clues' - though I would not recommend to follow any comment that relate to 'superstitious' signs (which are sometimes found in old books).

Sorry, but thank you for your question! Thumbs up!


Martijn van Mensvoort
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Re: What are indicative lines for financial parameter like poor, average,rich,richest in single Glance of Palm

Post  sv-b on Tue Dec 14, 2010 6:21 pm

Hello supreet, Smile
1. soft or firm palm is the basic indication to have good prosperous life . Hard palm indicates worries , brutality, and rudeness. Though, we can hardly find rich man who have hard palm texture if he has good indication otherwise.

2. pink color palm lines like the color of honey or flame is being indication of rich and refined nature. However, Ethnicity plays important role here. A fair complexed islam girl or blondes can possess dark line as well. some cases, blondes possess pale line without any significant color of lines.

3. Having many boxes between the fork of Wrist side portion of life line and bracelet lines. As a rule , life line should not have any defects like break and island , then it should touch the bracelet lines indicating inheritance.

4. Absence of confused line, blocking line and island at the begining of life and head line indicates smooth, happy and rich family background.

5. Good fate line with well formed sun line indicates rich and fame. especially if the sun line is being the branch of fate line indicates great success and fame is expected.

6. many boxes in the sun mount indicates landed properties, buildings etc., as a rule, Those boxes should be interact with heart line.

7. well developed all 7 mounts as a general indication.

8. Long fingers and pinkish color palm.

9. Fish sign on the palm. specially found at the begining of fate line. If person has double head line indicates riches. if the head line ends with opening like of fish tail indicates happiness and riches.

10. presence of any one of following sign increases the riches and fame . fish ,crocodile, lotus, conch on the thumb , or palm.

11. presence of whorl finger print increases the prosperity at maximum. and loop finger prints produce mediocre result during the prosperous period.

12. presence of wheel sign on the mercury mount where the forked mercury line ends indicate riches through ingenuity and arts.

13. pictorial signs are rare or hard to find in the palms. but, usually produces tremendous results if any one possess.

14. count of interphalangeal lines should be 12 in number. This is rarely found. count all the fingers except thumb. count the right hand lines Incase of male and left Incase of women.

15. Blocking line at the end of the head line indicates poverty at old age.

16. star mark on sun mount indicates riches. As a rule without happiness. It also indicates journalism.


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