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Quote of the day

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Quote of the day

Post  sv-b on Fri Nov 19, 2010 11:41 am

"This brethren is a short sketch of the religious ideas of the Hindus. The Hindu may have failed to carry out all his plans, but if there is ever to be a universal religion, it must be one which will have no location in place or time; which will be infinite like the God it will preach, and whose sun will shine upon the followers of Krishna and of Christ, on saints and sinners alike; which will not be Brahminic or Buddhistic, Christian or Mohammedan, but the sum total of all these and still have infinite space for development; which in its catholicity will embrace in its infinite arms, and find a place for every human being from the lowest groveling savage not far removed from the brute, to the highest man towering by the virtues of his head and heart almost above humanity, making society stand in awe of him and doubt his human nature. It will be a religion which will have no place for persecution or intolerance in its polity, which will recognize divinity in every man and woman, and whose whole scope, whose whole force, will be centred in aiding humanity to realize its own true, divine nature".

- swami.vivekanantha


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The not being angry

Post  sv-b on Sat Nov 20, 2010 7:39 pm

Where thou hast power thy angry will to work, thy wrath restrain;
Where power is none, what matter if thou check or give it rein?
He restrains his anger who restrains it when it can injure; when it cannot injure, what does it matter
whether he restrain it, or not ?

Where power is none to wreak thy wrath, wrath importent is ill;
Where thou hast power thy will to work, 'tis greater, evil still.
Anger is bad, even when it cannot injure; when it can injure; there is no greater evil.

If any rouse thy wrath, the trespass straight forget;
For wrath an endless train of evils will beget.
Forget anger towards every one, as fountains of evil spring from it.

Wrath robs the face of smiles, the heart of joy,

What other foe to man works such annoy?
Is there a greater enemy than anger, which kills both laughter and joy ?

If thou would'st guard thyself, guard against wrath alway;
'Gainst wrath who guards not, him his wrath shall slay.
If a man would guard himself, let him guard against anger; if he do not guard it, anger will kill him.

Wrath, the fire that slayeth whose draweth near,
Will burn the helpful 'raft' of kindred dear.
The fire of anger will burn up even the pleasant raft of friendship.

The hand that smites the earth unfailing feels the sting;
So perish they who nurse their wrath as noble thing.
Destruction will come upon him who ragards anger as a good thing, as surely as the hand of him who
strikes the ground will not fail.

Though men should work thee woe, like touch of tongues of fire.
'Tis well if thou canst save thy soul from burning ire.
Though one commit things against you as painful (to bear) as if a bundle of fire had been thrust upon
you, it will be well, to refrain, if possible, from anger.

If man his soul preserve from wrathful fires,
He gains with that whate'er his soul desires.
If a man never indulges anger in his heart, he will at once obtain whatever he has thought of.

Men of surpassing wrath are like the men who've passed away;
Who wrath renounce, equals of all-renouncing sages they.
Those, who give way to excessive anger, are no better than dead men; but those, who are freed from
it, are equal to those who are freed (from death).


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Re: Quote of the day

Post  sv-b on Sun Nov 28, 2010 6:05 am

66th verse from Thirukkural.

'The pipe is sweet ,' 'the lute is sweet, 'by them't will be averred , who music of their Infant's lisping lips have never heard.

"The pipe is sweet, the lute is sweet," say those who have not heard the prattle of their own children.


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Re: Quote of the day

Post  sv-b on Mon Nov 29, 2010 8:34 pm

Who learn, and here the knowledge of the true obtain, shall find the path that hither cometh not again.


They, who in this birth have leaned to know the True Being, enter the road which returns not into this world.



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