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What the hell is wrong with my destiny?

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What the hell is wrong with my destiny?

Post  Opheliac on Mon Sep 28, 2015 3:23 pm

I am in great crisis. Although I should totally rely on God, and my own will power regarding what I seek. But it's been 7 months and my life is quite a shocking reality. I have feeling of impending doom 24/7. I wake up and tell myself that I have 24 hours ahead, today, and what a torture it would be to stay alive each moment with anxiety. I posted my palm images to this Forum, in June, and most people just told me that I have forked marriage line, and it's separation not necessarily divorce. I hope they are right. 
I don't want divorce. I was noticing my lines and there is no change so far. And there is no change in my life, and my heart or mind. It's the same. So I won't post images. Nothing new under the sun. However I tried to post images but the venture failed, I think.
I want to change my destiny. I am told that meditation can do it. Correct frequency, and all. I tried. For 10 days. Alongside prayers. I must admit that it changed my perspective. I became more forgiving and letting go was easier. 
I have this question: 
There are 2 theories I have noticed, regarding "what dreams may come...". 
Either you want it, want it, want it all the time, with positivity. As the law of attraction says. And it's yours.
Or you let it go, set it free. You stop chasing it. Butterfly eludes you when you chase it. Happiness is maybe like that?  When you least expect it, usually it happens. 
What is a better response to what we want? I must say meditation is miraculous, and they say that it can change your fate. And meditation teaches us to let go. 
Persistence? Firm believe? Or letting go and stop waiting...? Because when we wait nothing happens. 
I asked this question here, because palmistry is directly linked to what I am asking. What your brain is creating to shape your destiny,  it's printed on our palm. I started believing in Palmistry when I noticed Girdle of Venus in my palm. It was the beginning of a very emotional time of my life. I became neurotic, my emotional sensitivity was irascible damage intended upon  myself. And I used to ask everyone that what is this 2nd heart line. And I was told that it is idiotic Girdle of Venus. 
I want to get rid of Girdle of Venus and a forked marriage line. I want to remain married to my husband and I think Girdle of Venus played and important role in our separation. I want to change my destiny. Somebody here once told me that meditation can do it. Is it so? Can I change my palm lines through my brain? I need inspiration. Palmist is one of those people who says that "you change, destiny changes and then lines change". They mention destiny a lot. I wish somebody just enlighten me. 


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