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Thus spake vivekanantha. interreligious unity is here!

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Thus spake vivekanantha. interreligious unity is here!

Post  sv-b on Wed Nov 24, 2010 4:36 pm

vivekanantha spake (at america)

I remember a boy hearing a christian missionary preach to a crowd in india. Among other sweet things he was telling them was that "if he gave a blow to their idol with his stick what could it do ? ''

One of his hearer sharpely answered " If i abuse your god what can he do? "

" you would be punished when you die " said the preacher.

'So my idol will punish you when you die , retorted the Hindu.

The tree is known by it's fruits. When I have seen amongst them that are called idolaters, men , the like of whom in morality and spirituality and love i have never seen anywhere ' I stop and ask myself, " can sin beget holiness"

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Re: Thus spake vivekanantha. interreligious unity is here!

Post  sv-b on Wed Nov 24, 2010 4:46 pm


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Re: Thus spake vivekanantha. interreligious unity is here!

Post  sv-b on Sun Nov 28, 2010 5:57 pm

Science is nothing but the finding of unity . As soon as science would reach perfect unity, it would stop further progress , because it would reach the goal. Thus, chemistry could not progress farther when it would discover one element out of which all others could be made. Physics would stop when it would be able to fullfil its services in discovering one energy of which all the others are but manifestations and the science of religion becomes perfect when it would discover him who is the one life in a universe of death, Him who is the constant basis of an ever-changing world, one who is the only soul of which all souls are but delusive manifestations. Thus is it, through multiplicity and duality that the ultimate unity is reached. Religion can go no farther. This is the goal of the science.

All science is bound to come to this conclusion in the long run. Manifestation and not creation , is the word of science today, and the Hindu is only glad that what he has been cherishing in his bosom for ages is going to be taught in more forcible language , and with further light from the latest conclusion of science.


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