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An easy method to analyze age or Longevity.

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An easy method to analyze age or Longevity. Empty An easy method to analyze age or Longevity.

Post  element5 on Fri Mar 11, 2016 10:43 am

A theory remains a theory till it is testified. Readers are requested to test the theory to come out to conclusions. This is related to calculation of longevity. There is a line called Ayu rekha in ancient Sariraka Sastram. (Please see the pic). This line originates from below the plains of Mercury and goes towards the plains of Jupiter. (Jupiter Mount). It is called Jeevan rekha in ancient Indian Palmistry.

This line is a very important line as it indicates the true journey of a soul or a “Jeeva”. The line starts from below the Mount of Mercury and reaches the mount of Jupiter. So is the Journey of a soul. It starts from the baser instincts and logics of Mercury to the higher, pristine & divine knowledge related to Jupiter. This is a hidden sign given to every “jeeva”. So this line starts below Mercury field and reaches the higher plains of Jupiter. That is the reason why it is called a “Jeeva rekha”. But this line can take a turn towards the illusionary dimension of Rahu which is just below the Jupiter mount. (Towards the outer palm area).

Ketu carries the past sanskaras which is reason behind this birth. This “Jeeva rekha” is the present body of this soul. The setting of this jeeva rekha tells us whether the journey of knowledge is starting from “ Brahma” within, or it is starting from the process of tarka vitarka (Starting from near Ketu or low set). Its final position tells us whether the soul is still hanging between questions and logic or it has set its “laya” or music set with supreme “Brahman”. A mere glance on it can tell you about the journey of the soul. Please refer to the picture to understand the same.

An easy method to analyze age or Longevity. 12321578_1542906696002392_2585411642655821663_n

An easy method to analyze age or Longevity. 12802715_1542906699335725_2111312257361397144_n

The fingers above this represent age or longevity of a person. Each finger represents 25 years of age. So when the line (Jeeva rekha) crosses little finger then the person reaches the age 25. Four fingers represent 100 years of age. In Kaliyuga, the purnayu (Full longevity) is near 90 or 92. So we reduce the age limit to 22.5 years of age.

This line indicates problems when there is an island (see pic) or black mole on this line. It shows weak health when it is chained or carry formations like the tuft of tied hairs on the back of a woman’s head (Choti). It indicates completion of Journey when both hands carry same indications.
The length of this line below the fingers indicates the exact age when a soul will leave the body. Please see pics to understand it.

The second pic belongs to the (RH) of Swami Vivekananda. See the beautiful lines of Intuition and a line connecting an ever bending Chandra rekha to mount of Saturn. No doubt that his Saturn and Moon are combined in his horoscope.

If you can make out, there is an island just below the finger of Sun. It has not crossed the finger of Sun. Considering the above method, his longevity is just above the madhyaaayu man or 35 years. Depending on fingers the age will be (22.5X 2) =45 years. The island formation is just after the middle of the ring finger. If we divide the finger breadth in four parts, then each part represents 5.5 years approximately. His line just fell short of last 5.5 on scale. His longevity was 39 to 40 years or so.

Please note that this exercise requires experience and knowledge of palmistry as well.

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An easy method to analyze age or Longevity. Empty Re: An easy method to analyze age or Longevity.

Post  rajeevkrsharmaji on Fri Mar 11, 2016 1:07 pm

Thank you for posting this.
Yes, as per ancient Hindu palmistry, the heart line was considered to represent life line. But modern palmistry does not agree on this.

As for Island on it; i dont agree that it indicates death.

All methods of calculation of longevity are often inaccurate.

I believe , if one of the primary lines is defective or absent then the other lines in both hands should be examined too.



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An easy method to analyze age or Longevity. Empty Re: An easy method to analyze age or Longevity.

Post  Martijn (admin) on Fri Mar 11, 2016 4:19 pm

The belief that one can 'time' longevity from the hand is merely based on superstition.

In western palmistry this form of superstition is usually practiced through an assessment of the thenar crease (in western palmistry a.k.a. the life line), but in traditional Indian palmistry it is indeed not uncommon to see it practiced through the upper transverse crease (in western palmistry a.k.a. the heart line) - as described in element5's post above.

In general, one can say that even though there are always a few souls who believe that a specific timing model more- or less often appears to work... the truth is that there are so many different models available that one can (read: should) wonder why none of the models became widely accepted as a solid standard, leaving the option open that NONE of these models actually works (which indicates that a process involving arbitrary observations could leave the impression that any models may 'appear' to work... though at best only in some cases).

By the way, over the years dozens of other similar discussions have been created at this forum, often with many experienced members involved.

You can find many of these discussions via the search-tool, and some of the most viewed topics are available here (which is the search result for the word 'timing'):


Martijn van Mensvoort
Hand researcher & psychologist in The Netherlands (Holland)
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Martijn (admin)
Martijn (admin)

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An easy method to analyze age or Longevity. Empty Re: An easy method to analyze age or Longevity.

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