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Victoria Woodhull- The first woman to run for the US Presidency

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Victoria Woodhull- The first woman to run for the US Presidency

Post  curious on Sat Dec 10, 2016 1:54 pm

Victoria Woodhull- The first woman to run for the US Presidency


I found this palm sketch while researching for palm prints. The fingers are not drawn to scale.

I was not aware who she was but I thought the lines were outstanding (head, heart, clairvoyance, solomon's ring, and to a certain extent- sun and fate). By the way the great Cheiro agrees!. He has given his reading which is given below. Not sure if he met her or where he got this print from. Other than her life span I believe he got most of it correct, again!

Some information on Victoria Woodhull:
First woman to run for presidency
Leader of the women suffrage movement
First women to open a brokerage firm in New York
Newspaper editor

(Source: Wikipedia)


"A PALMIST, meeting from thirty to forty persons a day, will naturally see many curious and startling hands ; many clever ones-many indicating talent for some particular career- many with power ; but it would be hard to find a hand more extraordinary than this.

The whole nature is so many-sided-Art, Literature, Commerce-all well marked, all so equal in power, all so crowned with success. Look, for instance, at the Line of the Head ; it is independent of all the other lines ; it rises high on the mount of Jupiter (first finger), and sweeps across the hand, having power and strength to the very last. Its purpose is high ; its ambition strong and firm ; it is resolute, undaunted, and determined.

It finds an even balance between the mounts of Mars and Luna, thus giving a hold on the two great worlds of life-on the one (Mars) practical common sense and martial vigour; on the other (Luna) the brilliancy of thought of imagination, fervent eloquence, enthusiasm, and the perpetual craving for the ideal ; the longing for the higher life, and the practical application of those higher-life truths to the every-day actions of this work-a-day world.

It will be observed that the Line of Head, at its point of rising, comes in contact with a line encircling the first finger, the finger of Jupiter. The circle has been called, from time immemorial, Solomon's Ring, and gives to its possessor wisdom, discernment, and marvelous intuition ; whilst at the same time, it seems to unlock the doors of things occult, and initiates its possessor into the secrets of clairvoyance, and the mysteries of life beyond the veil of human doubt and unbelief.

Those who possess this sign have the extraordinary power of learning almost without trouble, nothing being too difficult for their minds to grasp at once. This may seem hard to believe, but such is the fact that there are persons like this, who learn without effort; who acquire knowledge in a moment; at whose control there lie inexhaustible stores of thought, and whose mind are for ever giving and reflecting the half-forgotten truths of some far-distant age. Such persons have generally some strange destiny to compete, some work left unfulfilled by some previous race, and are as unconquerable as the truths whereof they speak.

They are like sudden stars on the horizon of humanity ; they attract the world by their leadership ; and, passing on to a higher sphere, they leave behind a world purified and made better by their presence.

The Line of Heart is long and very distinct upon the hand. It will be observed that its branches run on and touch the large Mount of Jupiter which has such power. In this matter it takes the qualities of this mount into the life, and carries them to the end.

These qualities are:-The power of leadership-the control of others-the great ambition to make all their work a success ; and the never-satisfied longing for something higher-the pride of conquering difficulties, and the never-flagging energy that knows no rest.

From the breadth and formation of the Mount, we get the softer qualities expressed. The love of helping others-the self-denial and self-sacrifice-the veneration for the aged, and the earnest cultivation of religion-that is, as it were, the furnace of life in which the thoughts of the soul are moulded and fashioned.

Thus the Line of Heart starts ; it suffers keenly and deeply, but it never turns from its high purpose ; it goes on gathering strength from its trials, and is stronger at the end than at the beginning.

There is weak action of the heart indicated, which will, I fear, cause illness before the end. This could be avoided by ease and rest, but this nature will never rest ; it has been given energy and ambition for some great purpose, and while that purpose is unaccomplished it will work and labour, asking for life only that it may give life to others, only praying that the work may be finished before the labourer can work no more.

The Line of Life is strongly marked ; at about 15 years of age some decided change is told, probably Marriage. There is great responsibility attached to this change, and it seems to affect the whole afterlife ; this change does not last long, trouble and disappointment are the result. There is again an important change at about thirty, and this seems to be the real starting point of the great purpose of the heart; from that orb great success is shown, but all for the furtherance of the work that by this time lies close at hand.

Now, looking to the Line of Fate, we find that it appears on the hand with power and strength ; it sends branches up to almost every finger ; one to the finger of Mercury giving success in business, and of another to the third, giving dramatic power and success in a public life ; while the third branch is the great line of Desitny itself, and by its termination it foretells a great future, and ambition gratified before the end of life.

There is a complete change of climate marked on this line, and also on the Line of Life ; it denotes that two countries will hold the affections, but that the land in which the great work of the heart commenced will be the land destined to see its ultimate perfection. There will be power and fame offered to these hands ; money will come from almost every clime in the furtherance of the work in which they will be engaged.

There will be a high position of dignity and importance offered ; there will be position and power given, but with tremendous responsibility.

These hands will govern and care for millions ; their influence is extended far and wide, and before the end is reached there comes a struggle, greater than all the battles of the past, a struggle with grave issues at stake, a battle for a great purpose.

It is long ; there is incessant travelling and fatigue ; it is victorious ;-the highest point in life is gained; glory and honour come from all sides ; the very enemies of life are humbled ; they come to kiss the hands they once despised; they come too late! the hands that led to victory are clasped in death. The end is given at about seventy, the end of life; a history that will yet be written in the annals of nations; a life devoted to the people's good ; a life that, passing away, will leave behind:

"Footprints on the Sands of Time."

CHEIRO, the Palmist.
30th September, 1892  "

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