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Sanskrit knowledge have been copied by west

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Sanskrit knowledge have been copied by west

Post  Vennila on Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:04 pm

Today, the Indian kid is so ignorant that we have to wait for an English man to translate Indian texts for us to understand them. We praise Shakespeare's literary skills but we are unaware of the literary geniuses once born in our own country who have made umpteen experiments in poetry, grammar and language.

We are unaware of the mathematical genius of our ancestors just because of this single reason that we do not know how to read and understand Sanskrit. If only we knew how to read and understand Sanksrit, we would get to know that value of pi, pythagoras theorem and many such concepts were discussed in Indian texts authored by Varahamihra, Aryabhatta and the kind, much much before the west has re-discovered them for us.

If we dive into the life histories of many greek mathematicians, scientists and astrologers and philosophers like Pythagoras, we can see that they have traveled extensively and learnt many things from Indians as well. As someone above mentioned, there is no such thing as invention of knowledge. It is only discovered when revealed.

Consider this Sanskrit verse from Rudra Namakam Chamakam.

Eka cha me, thisra chame, panchas chame, saptha chame,
Ekadasa chame, tryodasa chame, pancha dasa chame, saptha dasa chame,
Nava dasa chame, eka trimsathis chame, tryovimsathis chame,
Pancha vimsathis chame,

Mathematical genius behind it

Eka cha me                                    01 + 000 = 001    square root is 01
thisra chame                                  03 + 001 = 004    square root is 02
panchas chame                              05 + 004 = 009    square root is 03
saptha chame                                 07 + 009 = 016    square root is 04
nava chame                                    09 + 016 = 025    square root is 05
Ekadasa chame                              11 + 025 = 036    square root is 06
tryodasa chame                              13 + 035 = 049    square root is 07
pancha dasa chame                        15 + 049 = 064    square root is 08
saptha dasa chame                         17 + 063 = 081    square root is 09
Nava dasa chame                            19 + 081 = 100    square root is 10
eka ving satis chame                       21 + 100 = 121    square root is 11
tryo ving satis chame                      23 + 121 = 144    square root is 12
Pancha ving satis chame                25 + 144 = 169    square root is 13
Sapta ving satis chame                   27 + 169 = 196    square root is 14
Nava ving satis chame                    29 + 196 = 225    square root is 15
Eka Triyam ving satis chame         31 + 225 = 256    square root is 16

Just look at this single verse from the vedic hymn. It encompasses mathematical concepts of number theory and progressions combined. This is an excerpt from yajur veda which is been chanted from times immemorial. Who knows how many more of such crest jewels are still unearthed in our culture?

We are just being first class FOOLS to give up the glory of our own ancestors to someone in the west. Many a Indian's life today is like that of the frog in the well. We embrace the west at the cost of giving up our own culture, language and values. Many great people like Swami Vivekananda were breaking their own heads to educate us about the same but we still remain as ignorant as ever,

I am not against the west. But it is highly disappointing to see so many educated Indian's (including the ones who answered this question) vehement discountenance of such a worthy language.


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