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Male hand size 17.5cm

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Male hand size 17.5cm

Post  Sengkanglee on Thu Dec 28, 2017 5:57 am


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Re: Male hand size 17.5cm

Post  Martijn (admin) on Fri Dec 29, 2017 12:55 am

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Hello Sengkanglee,

Thanks for posting, very interesting to see this biometric scale - featured with a 50th percentile at 19,33cm.

Regarding your question, your name suggests that you might have Asian roots... and Asians are known to have smaller hands than Europeans and Americans, basically because of their shorter height.

The explanation is as follows:

In general, it is important to be aware that body height and hand length correlate, and obviously body height varies significantly around the world (tallest populations around are usually found in Europa, shortest populations in Asia).

The Handbook of Normal Physical Measurements reports an American study by Feingoldt & Bossert (1974) where the 50th percentile is close to 18,8 cm for males & females together - this result appears to confirm the scale... so this scale is probably based on an American population, which justifies the comparison with Donald Trump.

However, in general this scale is not representative for populations outside America; earlier this years I have presented a summary of various related sources on Facebook which suggests that the average male hand around the world is close to 18,9 cm:

"Is this really true?

Average for males, hand size 189 mm (7.44 inches), hand width 84 mm (3.30 inches)... which results in a hand index of 0.444.

Average for females, hand size 172 mm (6.77 inches), hand width 74 mm (2.91 inches)... which results in a hand index of 0.430.

Average for males & females: hand length 18,05 cm, hand width 7,9 cm

However... in my latest article the estimated average hand index for people around the world (derived from populations in 9 countries - including: Australia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Turkey & the US) is actually much... much higher:


And the average hand length + hand width in these 9 countries is:

- Australia: hand length 18,5725 cm, hand width 9,31 cm…/…/Ishak_Nur_Intaniah)2010.pdf

- China: hand length 17,735 cm, hand width 7,77 cm…

- India: hand length 17,753 cm, hand width 8,165 cm…/309739481_Variation_in_Carot…

- Japan: hand length 17,515 cm, hand width 7,5 com…

- Korea: hand length 17,61 cm, hand width 8,2 cm

- Malaysia: hand length 17,44 cm, hand width 8,99 cm…/links/5438da5d0cf204cab1d6db…

- Netherlands: hand length 18,7 cm, hand width 8,5 cm

- US: hand length 18,74 cm, hand width 8,495 cm…


- the reported value (18,05 cm) for hand size by TheAverageBody is quite good, though in all 5 populations from Asia the average value is clearly lower (17,61 cm)... but in the Caucasian countries the value is almost exactly 1 cm higher (18,67 cm).

- the reported value (7,9 cm) for hand width by TheAverageBody is far too low, though the average value for the 5 populations from Asia is only slightly higher (8,12 cm)... but in the Caucasian countries the value is almost 1 cm higher (8,77 cm).

So, the hand size value is oke... but the value for hand width was estimated too low by TheAverageBody.".


Martijn van Mensvoort
Hand researcher & psychologist in The Netherlands (Holland)
Presents: Multi-Perspective Palm Reading + the Global Palm Reading Network
Martijn (admin)

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Re: Male hand size 17.5cm

Post  Sengkanglee on Wed Jan 03, 2018 2:47 pm

Hi. I am having a japan hand with hand length of 17.5cm and hand breath of 7.5cm. Quite a interesting topic to know that my hand is very similar to the hand of Japan.


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