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Post  pravin kumar on Mon Feb 14, 2011 12:30 pm

Dear Pravinji, 19th June

I was on the Palmistry reading forum and was wondering if I could get a reading from you. I noticed that you charge $100 for full reading.

I truly need some insight into my life as it is at a crisis moment.

Thank you,

Hello Pravin, 7th July

Are you still available for palm reading? I need help asap.

I can use Western Union.

Thank you,

7th July

Hi Pravin, Please tell me if you need better quality photos.

Thank you,

7th July

I am a 40 year woman, born Sept 16, 1969 in Edmonton, AB Canada

The questions are:

1) What is happening to me right now? General.

2) Assuming I survive this major upheaval in my life, what will come of it? Do you see anything positive from this?

3) What kind of future lies ahead for me that you can see?

3) Do I have the coping skills to deal with my life/emotions?

4) I was beaten severely as a child by my neighbour (it is a completely blocked memory), and had other abuses by other men. I feel that this is following me like a dark cloud my entire life and makes me fearful of life. Will I get over this?

5) I moved 2 years ago from Canada to US. Do you see me moving back to Canada?

6) I am seriously considering separating/divorcing my husband because we have different wants and needs. Is this showing up? Do you see me having a new relationship?

7) Is there really hope for me to move forward in my life in a positive way that gives me joy? What career path looks good for me?

Thank you,

7th July

I am very afraid of moving forward. I feel that I continue to repeat self destructive patterns over and over again. The problems I have now are based on old belief systems worrying what others think of me. If I show anybody strength, it needs to be me. I have to find belief in myself again. I have totally lost faith and trust in myself at this time. Too many years of trusting others. It's really obvious to see why I am the way I am, but I feel absolutely lost as to how to prevent myself from repeating the patterns.

I have never felt so confused, alone and such a loss of hope. This is what has led me to you. I have talked to many about this, had healing sessions, but have not gotten any answers. I have meditated and the only answer i have received is that I need to get my life back and start again without my husband. But beyond that I don't know where my life is heading and I am worried about my ability to be a good mother to my teenage daughters.

Based on the above, how do i move forward? Does my hand provide answers?

8th July

I10th July

Hi Pravin,

Thank you for the meditation exercise that you have given me. I tried it today. Today I also had some accupressure done to assist me.

I really didn't see this coming, which is another reason I felt I lost my balance. I usually have good intuition, but for some reason this was blocked to me. Does island mean "mental imbalance"?

I guess the question is for me. I thought I was emotionally and mentally strong before I was tricked. But I was not meditating daily, but I felt good at the time. That is why I got so down on myself.

Thank you Gavin. I am putting my faith in you and your ability to see my situation clearly, as I have not been able to do so.

Blessings to you also,

Hmm, I'm not sure, I think it's light red, but my veins show quite blue. So I'm not sure. How long is the island period that you see right now?

I am experiencing random "heart palpitations" which I have been having for 3 years. Also, has definitely increased in the last year.

19th July

Hi Pravin,

I am back in Arizona now and trying to make sense of everything that has happened. I have been meditating daily several times a day. The number counting one is one I use the most. I use it when I notice my thoughts going haywire. I have been feeling more calm.

My husband has been away for a few days, so I have had privacy, but I am feeling the grief of change and having to move back. My daughter's best friend's mother has offered for me to come to a money making opportunity with her. She offered it as a last chance attempt for me to possibly stay in Arizona (if it worked). Which brings me to my question for you. Does it look like I am moving back on my hand? I know that palmistry can see past events well and also some future. But you have not told me much about the future and that makes me think you are withholding.
Is that true?

I would appreciate any insight you have.

Thank you,

20th July

I do feel better with the counting method - as I can do it anytime of day which I do often.

At this time, I am just trying to figure out a way to stay in Arizona, but still not sure what is the right path - Arizona or Alberta. I know that I can start again financially in Alberta and economy is much much better there, but there is a big part of me that does not want to go back - because it feels like going backwards. That is why I am trying to figure out what my hand says. This is a MAJOR move if I choose to leave, as not only does it mean back to cold, but it means breakup of relationship and potential breakup of family because youngest wants to stay with dad in Arizona. You see?

It's very difficult and I thought that after making the decision to go back that everything would feel good and I would start packing, but I still do not feel resolve and have not started packing. I feel (and hear) that I must wait, but I don't know for what. The thing I hate most is feeling stuck in 'limbo', because it means I cannot move forward or backward.

Thank you for all your replies,

28th July

Hello Pravin,

You know it is is funny you should ask. I have been meditating daily, but today, I am feeling myself unravel again. Yesterday, I put together a webpage for myself (not published) focussing on all my skills. I actually quite like it, but today, I just feel terrible.

I want to stay here, but I just feel so alone and unsupported. The reason I feel terrible is because I know my self-confidence has taken a serious blow and I feel as though I am pretending to put on a good face. I just can't pretend. I am wholly transparent.

So I suddenly found myself in tears for no apparent reason other than realizing that I have no confidence in my marriage, my home here in AZ or a future here.

I sent an email to my brother and told him that I was playing "wait and see". But it now feels like a delusion for me to play that. I will say that when I spent time with my brother, his presence made me feel a lot better. He has invited me and my girls to live in his home with him in Calgary. I think I would be a fool to pass up on it.

That's why I have been looking for answers from my hand, astrology or anything I can get my hands on to get 'some idea' as to where I'm heading. But it seems that the picture is completely unclear.
The LOGICAL thing to do is to move in with my brother and start over again because he will help support me (no need to worry about rent). He will assist me to help get a job. He will help bring my confidence back up just by being with him. Logic tells me that I should go to my brother.

But is it the right thing to do? Am I being impatient? Is there a miracle that I might be missing on? You see my dilemma?

It's this terrible position of not knowing what to do. How can I expect to be helpful to anybody else, when I am so mixed up? I cannot believe I have allowed myself to get this way.

I will continue to meditate, but I really wish I could see some hope - it's just not happening.

10th August

Hello Pravin,

Thank you for your email. Meditation is going well. I have found a wonderful church that studies the application of the principles of Truth as taught and demonstrated by Jesus Christ and other seers, prophets and teachers of all ages. They also validate and support physic phenomenon including palmistry, astrology, psychometry etc. During their service they have a healer that can be visited, which I have visited twice now. It has been a very good experience for me. During the service they also do a 15 minute group meditation. I always find the group meditations very easy. My mind does not wander so much.

I have also offered to do their webpage for them, as theirs needs updating. I am doing it as a service to the church and to God. This makes me feel good about myself because I feel I am offering something that has value.

I know it is dishonest and I don't like that part, but another part of me wonders if I should be married. I like men and I love romance, which has been missing for many years for me.

I'm sure you will have thoughts on this. This is a major diversion for me from what I expected.

18th August

Hi Pravin,

Thank you for your email. My meditation is going well. I usually only do twice a day - not 3 times like I should. Night time seems to be hard to meditate as it is too close to sleep time. I am feeling better. I have made an effort to be relaxed - easier to do in the warmth of Arizona summer.

Focusing on how I can help others also gives me a good feeling. The church is so happy with my work as they have been looking for a web designer for years - finally I arrived in their lives; and they in mine.

I plan on working on business opportunity soon... just waiting a week until I get some questions answered.

I attached my palm prints.

30th August

Hi Pravin,

I am still working on meditation every day. I am going to the church every Sunday where they also do guided meditation for 20 minutes. I get a healing there every Sunday also.

I am finding life much more tolerable. I have brought music back into my life again. I love listening to the great composers of today - many who have composed movie soundtracks. When I listen to this kind of music, it sends me to the higher centers.

I have not found any work yet. However, I am planning on doing another 'volunteer' web design project for a non-profit art group. If the site goes well, then I know that I will get jobs from that. I have been designing a new website for myself and also new business cards. I will be going to networking events to share my skills. It may take a little while to get going but it is ok.

My oldest daughter is struggling with the fact that our lives are not very concrete right now and she wants to move back to Canada and says so every day. I find this difficult as I am trying to move forward here in AZ. Thankfully, youngest daughter is very happy and loves her life here.

I have put my trust and faith in God to guide me to where I need to go next. I know that I cannot function without God's presence.

Thank you for thinking of me.

Hi Pravin,

I have been waiting for the right moment to tell you. I got a job! It's actually a fun job for me. Believe it or not, I am working for an Indian man and his family. He has a high end rug store in Scottsdale (high end district) and needs a marketing person to help him. That is where I come in. The salary is not high, but the commission is. I am very excited about it and it was strange how I answered the advertisement and saw how perfect the job was for me. He even said that it looked like I tailored my resume to his job (which I did not). I really like him and his family - nice wife, two 20-something boys and other family that come in from time to time. I am the only white person that works there.

I wish to thank you for your encouragement and good energy my way. I have been thinking about you often.

I also have to tell you that the man that I had and affair with has played a big role by being a good friend to me. We still talk regularly. I feel that we have had many past lives together in many different roles like father-daughter, sister-brother, sister-sister, brother-brother, friends, lovers and the like. I feel entirely at ease with him and his presence has made a huge difference in my life. So he plays a role in channeling my confidence. I am also helping him and his life is finally starting to improve also, which gives me feelings of joy. It is a very profound friendship.

Church has still been very integral to me also as I continue to go every Sunday (except last Sunday because I was in Mexico). It is very important to me to be a part of this spiritual group - it gives me a lot of hope and light!!

Anyway... much love to you, Pravin, for all your loving kindness. My heart is full.

pravin kumar

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