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Libra Beware: 3 upcoming eclipses...Good or Bad??

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Libra Beware: 3 upcoming eclipses...Good or Bad??

Post  pucca on Fri May 06, 2011 8:05 am

Hi everyone,

This topic seems interesting.. as in case of Libra 3 eclipses are going to take place back to back..On June 1st, June 15th and July 1. This is quite unusual. Generally these many eclipses don't take place back to back. At most there may be 2. Seems like family of eclipses ending on this occasion.

A solar eclipse on June 1, a fool moon eclipse on June15th and Cancer -Capricorn on July 1st. As we all know this is going to be so very exciting for Libras, further extending this topic, is this going to be positive eclipse or the negative one??

According to my knowledge eclipses are there only to help a person grow, become more mature. Sometimes through the gains and other times huge losses, unexpectedly in both the cases. I doubt if eclipses work differently for every individual simply because position of planets is same for every person of the given sign. Though many people advise not to take major decisions, try to dominate, I think otherwise...I think this is the time which brings truth out of the person with a great force. If a person is honest it will obviously help him only. Having a positive frame of mind is important.

So summing it all up i want you people's advise on following:
1] Are these eclipses going to be positive or negative..?
(though I think given the conditions of other planets, this is going to beneficial, specially past regrets will be cleared. )
2] What `special` things person should avoid doing ?
3] Am I correct to retain positive frame of mind in doing anything during this period?
4] Actually I read that during this period things will never happen the way you think. So this is a cause of worry for me. And for this very reason I am uploading this post. I mean if I think negatively, as opposite is going to happen, result will be positive..? Though sounds bit odd, I think this process should work. What you guys have got to say about this..?

Hope to see your responses..


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Re: Libra Beware: 3 upcoming eclipses...Good or Bad??

Post  Patti on Fri May 06, 2011 2:55 pm

Hello Pucca,
Thank you for bringing up this topic! I'm looking forward to reading the responses you get. Especially since I'm a Libra!

I've moved your topic from questions about hands to a section about Astrology.



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Re: Libra Beware: 3 upcoming eclipses...Good or Bad??

Post  pucca on Sat May 07, 2011 6:25 am

Hello Patti,
Thanks for moving this topic to appropriate location. I did not really pay attention while posting this topic which I regret.. Sad

I am amazed this topic has not got many replies..though this is little impatient of me. Anyone .I thought I would get attention and I still feel this topic deserves it as it is about very near and definite future..

Or am I at wrong place to post such a topic??Is this forum going to be only about palms or what?? In this case please suggest me the correct place you feel to discuss such topics.. confused


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Re: Libra Beware: 3 upcoming eclipses...Good or Bad??

Post  Patti on Sat May 07, 2011 3:48 pm

There are a number of members interested in Astrology here, but it's mainly a board about hands.

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Re: Libra Beware: 3 upcoming eclipses...Good or Bad??

Post  s_udit on Sun Mar 17, 2013 7:03 pm

Hello Pucca,

I would invite your clairification as below

1) How come you are linking these astronomical events to "LIBRA"
2) regarding being a "Libra" too, there are 4 possibilities, namely

(a)-as per Vedic-Astro, being a Libra (TULA-Rashi) means that at the time of your birth MOON should have been in Libra
(b)-You were born with Libra/Tula rising in the east, meaning that your Ascendent is Libra/Tula
(c)- Sun in your birth chart is in Libra
(d)- as per western-astro, people born during 15th-Sept to 14-Oct are all treated as being LIBRA

So which case are you refering as "LIBRA"?

what was your experiance during these events, you should have shared it here



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