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BHAGAVAD GITA (English version) - Hindu's holy text

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Re: BHAGAVAD GITA (English version) - Hindu's holy text

Post  sv-b on Fri May 20, 2011 1:08 am

(Chapter continues. . . )

11. The Blessed Lord said:

You are moaning for those who should not be moaned for. Yet you speak like a wise man. The truly wise never weep either for the dead or for the living.

12. Never was there a time when I did not exist , nor you, nor these rulers of men. Nor shall all of us cease to be hereafter.

13. Even as the attainment of childhood, youth and old age is to one in this physical life, so is the change to another body (at death) for the embodied soul. Wise men are not deluded by this.

14. Contact of the senses with their objects generates cold and heat, pleasure and pain. They come and go, being impermanent. Bear with them patiently, O scion of Bharata race!

15. O leader of men! That enlightened one who is unpertubed alike in pleasure and pain, whom these do not distress - he indeed is worthy of immortality.

16. The unreal can never come into existence, and the real can never cease to be. The wise philosophers have known the truth about these categories (of the real and the unreal ).

17. Know that Reality, by which everything is pervaded, to be indestructible. No one can cause the destruction of this immutable Being.

18. What is said to perish are these bodies, in which the imperishable and unlimited Spirit is embodied. Therefore fight, O scion of the Bharata race!

19. He who thinks him (the self) to be the killer , and who experiences him (the Self) as the killed - both of them know not. He (the self) neither kills nor is killed.

20. He (this Self) has neither birth nor death. Nor does he cease to be, having been in existence before ; unborn, eternal permanent and primeval, he is never killed when the body is killed.


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Re: BHAGAVAD GITA (English version) - Hindu's holy text

Post  sv-b on Fri May 20, 2011 7:59 pm

(Chapter continues. . .)

21. O Arjuna! know this self to be eternal, undecaying, birthless and indestructible. A person who knows him to be so - whom can he slay or cause another to slay.

22. Just as a man gives up old garments and puts on new ones, so the embodied self abandons decrepit bodies and assumes new ones.

23. Him the weapons cleave not; Him the fire burns not; Him the waters wet not; Him the wind dries not.

24. He cannot be cut or burnt. He can neither be wetted nor dried. Eternal all-pervading, immovable and motionless, He is the same forever.

25. Knowing Him (the Self) to be unmanifest, inconceivable, and unmodifiable, it is improper to mourn for Him.

26. In the alternative, even if you hold him (the Self) to be subject to constant births and deaths, there is no justification, O mighty armed, for your mourning for him.

27. For the born, death is unavoidable; and for the dead, birth is sure to take place. Therefore in a situation that is inevitable, there is no justification for you to grieve.

28. Mystery surrounds the origin of beings. Mysterious too is their end. Only in the interim, between birth and death, are they manifested clearly. Such being the case, what is there to grieve about?

29. Some have a glimpse of Him as a marvel, some speak of Him as a marvel, and yet others hear of Him as a marvel. Yet none understands Him in truth, in spite of (seeing, speaking and) hearing about Him.

30. At no time can the Spirit embodied in all beings be slain. Therefore there is no reason for you to grieve for any one.


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