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Signs in the Hands of Rich Talented People

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Signs in the Hands of Rich Talented People

Post  Parender on Sat Jul 02, 2011 3:17 pm

Signs in the Hands of Rich Talented People:

People generally ask me whether they will ever be rich. Being rich is the desire of many people, and also no human being wants to live poor, but let them know that rich talented people can be seen from their hands, in addition to the hard work and diligent effort turns a rich talented people is a blessing from God,

Signs for talented and rich people not consist in having only one thing obviously as no sign on the palm is absolute in itself and therefore hand must be analyzed in totality and that everything affects everything. But it can be seen from many signs on the hand and more and more signs of rich people have, the greater their ability to be more affluent

Signs of a talented person to be rich can be seen as follows:

1. Not much wide palms, fingers straight, and even better when he/she has the long fingers.

2.Uncut Good Heart Line and Long deep Head Line (first straight later have a slope, must not outreach the percussion or side of the palm) in right ratio. Very deeper Heart Line can make a person irrational jealous.

3. The distance between the index finger with the middle finger quite tenuous and the increasing distance the greater the ability to search property.

4. There are below the index finger at the good developed mount of Jupiter are small vertical lines. These are good signs to have, because there will be big revenues in the future where more and more small vertical lines, it will be the greater revenue to be obtained.

5. A Good Fate Line (direction) .The Line of Fate is more closely related to one's worldly affairs, success or failure. Better if starts independently accompanied with an Apollo Line (Success Line) that has a trident (three forks) especially at the bottom of the ring finger the owner of a sign like this will have a successful search for wealth. This line brings out the talent in a person for the public to see otherwise most talented persons would have died in darkness without having enjoying the fruits of recognition.

6. At least one tented arch (enthusiasm, energetic) and one or two whorl patterns (Originality and Success) on the fingers, especially on Middle finger better be on right thumb.

7. A good mount of Venus and good deep Life Line; long is not necessary as Life Line has very little to do with longevity of a person. And these are the forces behind the talent which will direct or guide the ability of a person in producing the result.

The signs above are the sign for rich talented people in the hands, but this is only potential base, and without hard work and persistent efforts of prosperity may be desirable only just wishful thinking, but in general if the owner of the hand above the lines have not been trying to prosper despite persistent, it means success is a matter of time only.

If we combine these qualities of good health, fortitude (mental strength in the respect of ambition, determination, persistence, resistance, hard work, alertness, knowledge, experience, tolerance of pain of change), and good environment with a good Fate Line than we can hope that the subject will get through the world comfortably and successfully.

Parender Sethi

flower [b]

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