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Post  Christopher Jones Sat Oct 18, 2014 8:22 am

Hi Martijn

its been a long time since I have been to your website and it is disappointing to see so many inaccuracies here. You strive to present handreading in more researched, considered and possibly scientific manner and yet you fail to notice or understand some really basic things.

This is not necessarily your fault, but you repeatedly show a lack of understanding particularly of elemental handreading, mostly because you never studied it but secondly because you misunderstand what other people have misrepresented of the things I taught them c1989-1994. This is particularly reflected in your 2014 updated review of Jeni HIrsch's book, God Given Glyphs.

You write glowingly of this book:
There are hardly any books in the exploring fields of hand analysis, palm reading, palmistry and chirology which demonstrate the same awareness regarding the importance of details in the perspective of the dermatoglyphics. In that sense 'God Given Glyphs' does present an innovative element on top of the earlier writings & presentations in the (alternative) field of modern hand reading.
What you don't realise is very large parts of that book are copied directly from my own writings on the subject, which I wrote in 1991 before Jenni even started her cheirological training with me!

I find it very curious that Jenni hardly acknowledges the influence I have had on her handreading; the fact of the matter is that many of the lectures/essays she has published at her website are actually the notes she took from the lectures of mine that she listened to when she was learning cheirology ! In addition to that, many sections of her books are likewise largely plagiarised from my own works. Her 'Traits of Being' booklet, for example, is just a straight copy of a an article I wrote for the Journal of the Cheirological Society.

You can confirm all of this by discussing it with Lynn Seal. She and Jenni both completed the same Foundation Diploma course which I had set up as a correspondence course; however, whilst Jenni did not do any further studies, Lynn studied and passed the Lower Intermediate Diploma and did a lot of the study for the Higher Intermediate Diploma as well.

Anyway, the point is: you are making critical reviews of someone who has written something which they clearly have not understood and are re-presenting as arcane and authoritative knowledge when actually its just their poorly understood notes from a beginner's introductory course on handreading. You do the world a disservice by exalting such writing by taking it seriously. And you also expose your own ignorances of the subjects you are crtiquing by so doing.

You can do better than that !

Christopher Jones

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Post  Martijn (admin) Sun Oct 19, 2014 9:57 am

Hi Christopher,

First of all, thanks for coming back here.

Well, my review of Jennifer's book is focused on what's inside the book. However, my 2014 update does illustrate that in time I have noticed that from a philosophical point of view some of the content of the book is based on misconceptions.

(By the way, the quote that you mention is not taken from the 2014 update)

It's hard for me to judge how much of Jennifer's writings origin from you work Christopher, but I can inform you that others have informed me about this issue as well. But I have never been confronted with the details, unfortunately your writing above also does not give substantiated details.

Meanwhile you talk about plagiarism; however, you have not substantiated this claim above. But maybe you are able to share some quotes from your work + references to Jennifer's book?

I have copies of some of your writings, e.g.:

- Studies for the Intermediate Diploma
- The Interpretation of Dermatoglyphic Patterns

PS. You also have not substantiated your PERCEPTION that I have misunderstood some of the  fundamentals described in my article. You didn't share a clue about what "inaccuracies" and "basic things" you are talking about. Again, please specify.
Martijn (admin)
Martijn (admin)

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