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Mineral imbalance signs found on Palm

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Mineral imbalance signs found on Palm

Post  asif amin on Sun Sep 05, 2010 10:44 am

Following examples are taken from " A modern guide to palmistry - your life in your hands " by Beryl Hutchinson.

The following elements are examples of which author has experienced in his/her palmistry career.

• Calcuim Flourica
• Calcium Phosphate
• Copper (curprum)
• Iodine
• Tin
• Zinc
• Pottassium
• Molybdenu
• Manganese
• Iridium
• Osmium
• Titanium
• Silica
• Iron

Calcium Fluorica deficiency is shown by lines beneath the Heart Line under the third and fourth fingers. Sometimes there is a small ladder of three or four rungs leading up to the line; sometimes the ladder is not so pronounced, but where there is a doubling of heart line without the ends closing in the form of islands the answer will be Calcium Flourica deficiency .

Calcium Phosphate deficiency is identified by brittle nails and or white spots on nails.

Iodine deficiency is also recognized by as above mentioned tools.

Copper deficiency shows in the fading of the lines. Furthermore copper deficiency often seems to be the cause of morning sickness in pregnancy.

Iron deficiency is shown by paleness of the lines of a hand.

Iridium deficiency has not been identified on hands but where an island on the heart line accompanies eye troubles. An island may refer to the three essential trace elements for eyes, iridium, osmium and titanium. With osmium at fault look for the threat of a circle for cataract on the thumb side of the life line.

Radium deficiency is identified when tips of the all fingers crack open where the nail ends, the cracks are deep and painful and do not heal easily.

Tin affects the nervous system; overgrown cuticles to the nail may also show the lack of this trace element.

Potassium shortage leads to a chaining of the headline and may be responsible for a similar type of continuous islands in other lines such as the heart and mercury lines.

Silica, when the rheumatic warning of a veil appears on the percussion side of the hand between the two transverse lines showing trouble in the suprarenal glands think of silica.

Zinc deficiency in the life line, showing narrow chaining starting where the line passes under the area of Medius finger.

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asif amin

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Re: Mineral imbalance signs found on Palm

Post  Lynn on Tue Sep 21, 2010 12:43 am

Thanks Asif. I wonder how accurate this is / how Beryl Hutchinson was able to identify such mineral deficiencies in the hand? I think she did some research in hospitals - (from memory - altho this is one of my favourite books, I haven't read it in a while) she identified the "operation triangle" when she was in a ward where women had hysterectomy.


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