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Eight Trigram in the hand

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Eight Trigram in the hand

Post  axis10053 on Thu Oct 13, 2011 5:33 pm


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Re: Eight Trigram in the hand

Post  axis10053 on Thu Oct 13, 2011 7:57 pm

This is the classical way to read the palm in Chinese Palmistry. We catagorize the hand in 8 sections, correlating it with "Ba-Gua", or the 8 trigrams. 8 trigram is the foundation of I-ching, Taoist philosophy, Feng-shui, and some part of Chinese Medicine.
Chinese Palmistry is really used for fortelling fortunes. So each trigram can be used to find out about fortune, family, and health.
Let me break down each area, and briefly describe what they represent:
Qian (Heaven): It is located at the hypothenar. This is the place for father, and ancestors. It is the place to look for reputations, status quo of a person. Qian also relates to the head, lung, and is an area to diagnose diabetes.
Qun: (earth): Area below the 5th phalanx. This is the place of the mother, the tomb, and is a place to see to fortell life-expectancy. This is also the place for finance. This is also an area to see digestive system.
Kan: (water): Area between thenar and hypothenar. This is the area for home, offsprings. It represents the reproductive and urological system.
Li (fire): Area below the 3rd Phalanx. This is the area for reputaion. This is the area for cardiovascular function.
Zhen (thunder): located just below the life line and the heart line. This can be used to see how the sibling is, and this is the place to diagnose liver function.
Xun (wind): located below the 2nd phalanx. This is the place for money. This place is to be used to see gallbladder function.
Gen (mountain): Thenar. This place is used to fortell relationship with brothers. This is also used to see gastric function.
Dui (lake): Superior to hypothenar and inferior to Kun. This is the place to see relationship with sister, and to find out the function of large intestine.
In the center of the palm is called Ming Tang (bright court). This is a term used primarily in Fenghshui. Ming-Tang is the front courtyard in the house, or the tomb. Ming -Tang in Fengshui should be wide open, and low. In the palm, Ming-Tang should also be lower than the surrounding, and this is to fortell a person's general luck.


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