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To accept palmistry is to accept determinism

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To accept palmistry is to accept determinism

Post  Whitewash112358 on Fri Nov 30, 2018 5:39 am

To be clear, I won't be exploring the question of whether free-will is real or not real in this topic. I will be talking about the inextricable relationship of clairvoyance and determinism (lack of free-will). There's a fine distinction between the two topics, and I think the latter topic should be explored by every palmistry & clairvoyance enthusiast.

Indeed, the lines ingrained in our palms do change, but they change in accord to modesty. In other words, they're mutable to a small degree. What fascinates me is a marriage/love line that is so deep that it would seem like the line has married the palm itself. Such a crisply etched marriage/love line ought to fight the eraser quite well. In this case, marriage would be predicted at a certain age. This type of prediction can't be separated from hard determinism because it explicitly predicts a massive event. This means the actions of those two future lovers and even the people around them is 100% predictable. Indeed, you could say the line could slightly change, indicating divorce or some other bad or good event within the marriage, but the marriage/love is in itself predicted. If these two people have yet to collide into each other, then their lives would have to be predictable to a very, very high degree. Think about all the details leading up to that day and the many things that have to be in alignment for such an event to be predetermined. Everything leading up to that day they meet should be predetermined, for any slight difference in a direction up to that point could lead either person the other direction. Try to wrap your head around that... Meaning if you're meant to meet your future wife or husband on a vocation at a certain time and place, then that vacation must be predetermined even if it's 10+ years into the future. This is just a single example that could shed some light. I encourage everybody reading this to think about the necessity of precise events to make that single moment happen.

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Re: To accept palmistry is to accept determinism

Post  Whitewash112358 on Fri Nov 30, 2018 11:01 pm

I was using the word "predicted" but it could and should be replaced by "predetermined". The idea is that most if not all events need to be predetermined for the marriage to happen because any slight change by the use of 'free-will' could eliminate the possibility of marriage altogether.


Posts : 11
Join date : 2018-07-24
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