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Basic astrology question

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Basic astrology question

Post  mooky on Tue Jun 14, 2011 2:54 am

I have a very basic question I cannot find the answer to online. I guess getting the search right on Google is just too hard.

When I read astrology forecasts for the present time, they will talk about planets going into and out of signs. And, they will talk about which houses the planets are currently in for YOU.

For example, Jupiter left Aries on June 4th and moved into Taurus. One astrologer said that Jupiter was moving into my (Aries sun sign) 2nd house. How does that get calculated? My sun sign is Aries. If I do a natal chart at it shows me that my sun sign is Aries and the Sun is in my 6th house. Libra is my rising sign and is in my first house.

Now fast forward to today (or June 4th). Is Aries now my first house and Taurus my 2nd house etc.? I am confused. How does this work? Was what the astrologer said pertaining to Aries being the rising sign and therefore the first house? It is so confusing.



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re question

Post  mooky on Tue Jun 14, 2011 3:23 am

Ok... I see that it is based on the rising sign. Now I am still trying to figure out what they are talking about with respect to the position of everything at the time of birth as compared to now. Very confusing.


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Re: Basic astrology question

Post  sv-b on Tue Jun 14, 2011 6:15 am

Hi mooky, Smile

1. Ascendant is calculated by the time of sun rise. and you need to remember that ascendant moves to next sign once in every 2 hours. For example, if 6.00am the sun rise today in scorpio. at 8.00 am , it goes to sagitarus. . . This way we need to calculate one's ascendent by knowing their time of birth. . .

2. Every planet takes particular period of time to finish complete one successive cycle around all 27 stars. jupiter takes 12 years to complete one cycle. saturn takes 30 years , moon takes one month, so on. . . This way, jupiter stays 1 year in every sign.. . .

Learn from you will get free lessons there. . .


4. This DIVINE KNOWLEDGE CARRIED THROUGH OUT MANY MILLINEUM OF YEARS. BUT, SCIENCE CONFIRMED THIS IDEAS ARE TRUE JUST 100 YEARS BACK THROUGH THEIR TELESCOPE AND SATELITES. Indians were knowing the positions , speeds, of planets and star constellations so accurately long before.. This is the science of astrology. . . Smile


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re: question

Post  mooky on Tue Jun 14, 2011 2:53 pm


Thank you for the response. I do have that basic understanding already. My question is not about who I am/was at birth. It has to do with today. For example:

June 15, 2011 there will be a total lunar eclipse. The moon and sun will be at 24 degrees of sagittarius and gemini respectively. Astrologers will say that how this effects me will depend on what planets I have in relation to the eclipse. What do they mean by this? Why are my planets different than your planets? What is the basis for this? Is it only looking at what planets I had in those two houses on the day I was born? Or, is it some kind of progression or movements of the planets with respect to the houses and signs I had back at birth but with the planets as they are today? What are they talking about? Why aren't we all the same? What are the basic mechanics? How do I figure out where this eclipse is taking place in my "chart"?



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Re: Basic astrology question

Post  sv-b on Tue Jun 14, 2011 5:27 pm

Hello mooky, Smile

1. Ascendant is your first house. From then you have to count next houses.

2. If every planet do same influences to all humanity at the same time, there is no necessity of astrology. A influence can be very good to one person when the same influence can cause disastrous results to others. It again depends on one's ascendent and the planetary positions of one's natal chart. saturn in 5th house varies with the result when the saturn stays in 8th house. . . again, it is noteworthy in which sign saturn stands. and whether it combust or deliberated or exalted and numerous factors should be considered.

3. lunar eclipse cause bad effects depends on which sign it happen. . . it is a general rule .. Though it all depends on one's strong or bad part of one's natal chart.

4. westerns and Vedic astrology are slightly different.. it causes profound changes when framing natal chart. you can find the differences in

5. Never rely on astrology softwares. using panjanga will help you better.

6. Try to learn basics and spend your time much for that. . . There is no short cuts in astrology. . . unless you learn by yourselves, you cannot understand anything. . . Otherwise learn from astrological teachers. . . and pay them for their teachings. .


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re: question

Post  mooky on Tue Jun 14, 2011 5:54 pm

stalin.v , Thumb up

Thank you once again. But you are not understanding how simple my question is.

I know my ascendant. I know that for instance that at the time of my birth Saturn was at 25 degrees 42 minutes of Sagittarius and in my 3rd house.

I have produced a natal chart with transits and I can see for instance that the moon is about to move into Sagittarius and on towards 24 degrees where the eclipse will occur.

So my question(s) boil down to,

a) Is that what astrologers are talking about when the talk about my houses? That when this moon reaches 24 degrees in Sagittarius, that it (the moon) will be in my 3rd house?

b) Is it significant or correct to compare the fact that 53 years ago Saturn was in Sagittarius at 25d 42m in my 3rd house? When an astrologer says, it is important to understand whether you have any planets on or near 24 degrees of Sagittarius, is this what they mean? That by having planets does not mean having them today. That it means having had them years ago at that position at the time of your birth?

c) Or is it some other mechanical movement I am not reading about anywhere? All I ever read anywhere is all the stuff about your birth chart and what was happening then. But when you listen to astrologers talk about the present or near future, they are talking about planets and houses and transits?

Note: I already think I have probably already answered my own question. I can see for instance in my natal chart with transits that Jupiter is directly across the zodiac from where it was when I was born. I have seen mention on Astrodienst that right now I have Jupiter opposition Jupiter. So, I think I am on the right track.

All the meanings are not what I was asking. Just the mechanics. That the basic approach is to compare where everything was at the time of your birth to where everything is today? Am I looking at the right thing?


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Age : 60
Location : Michigan, USA

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Re: Basic astrology question

Post  sv-b on Tue Jun 14, 2011 6:05 pm

I dont know what youre asking. . . :-( hope others may help you better :-(


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